Liquid detergent vs Laundry Strips

It’s time for your laundry duty to get more exciting and environmentally friendly!

When you think of the laundry detergent, you most likely don’t think about the ease of use and environmental impact. You’re probably thinking, just another chore to do for my family and another jug of plastic going into the recycling each month.

Have you heard of this new invention – laundry strips? And more importantly — how could strips of paper really clean my clothes and have a positive impact on our environment?

Let’s review a few positives and negatives:

Problems with typical laundry detergent

  1. Liquid laundry detergent is 75% water. That to me seems like a waste and also that leaves only 25% of ingredients that is actually cleaning our clothes?
  2. Are these ingredients positive or neutral to our environment?
  3. And there's the single-use plastic bottle. But the biggest problem it’s having is making too many greenhouse gases shipping all that heavy water from the factories to the stores to our homes. The heavier something is, the more fuel gets burned shipping it. Not to mention the plastic jug that needs to make it back to the recycling center.

A few positives since I’ve switched to using Laundry Strips:

  1. Saves space
  2. No plastic jug – some options also have zero-waste compostable packaging so we can all reduce our plastic-use
  3. Lower carbon footprint since the strips are lighter to ship
  4. 100% biodegradable
  5. Hypoallergenic
  6. One strip is enough for one load, and there’s no measuring needed
  7. Laundry strips dissolve completely in hot or cold water and don't leave any residue on clothes
  8. The strips still deliver a powerful clean for your laundry

I’d highly recommend you give laundry strips a try!

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