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What's Initial Detail Clean?

Our Initial Detail Clean (also called deep cleaning) tackles those often-overlooked chores (such as dusting the vents) and reaches into corners and crevices rarely included in daily cleaning routines, ensuring thorough results. Perfect for new clients or homes needing a one-time cleaning. It also covers all the basic cleaning tasks with extra elbow grease and attention to detail.

A Deep Cleaning For Many Occasions

Are you preparing for a birthday, spring clean, or just a little catch-up clean? We've got you covered! We'll help you organize your cleaning priorities, select a budget, and customize your service.

Spring Cleaning

Our deep cleaning is just shy of what many folks would think of as a spring clean. We'll tackle chores usually included in a spring clean, but if you need help with a specific task, you can let us know so we can make adjustments if possible.

Event Cleaning

Preparing your house for an event or family reunion calls for a thorough cleaning. Our deep cleaning service covers usual and not-so-common chores with extra elbow grease to ensure a spotless place for the big day.

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Detailed Cleaning Checklist

A deep cleaning service covers all the tasks in a regular cleaning with added time and elbow grease to achieve more detailed results. On top of that, we get into overlooked spots and hard-to-reach areas for a more complete cleaning.


Scrub & shine toilet, sink, shower, tub, floor & mirrors.


Clean & polish sink, counters, appliance faces & inside microwave. Damp wipe stove top, cabinets, tables & chairs. Dust shelves, vacuum & mop floors.

All other areas

Dust picture frames, knick-knacks (except fragile or delicate items), windowsills, shelves & furniture. Wipe fingerprints & smudges, vacuum & mop floors, empty trash (please provide replacement liners for your various trash bins).

Detail Cleaning tasks

Damp wipe baseboards, chair rails, molding & door panels. Dust ceiling fans, and vents. Remove hard-to-reach cobwebs. Provide extra elbow grease & scrubbing power in bathrooms & kitchen.

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Why Choose A Deep Cleaning

A deep cleaning ensures thorough results by tackling forgotten areas like vents and removing old dirt—preventing future wear and tear. If you're a first-timer or your home hasn't had professional cleaning lately, a deep cleaning is perfect for you.

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Thorough & Meticulous Cleaning

We deliver thorough cleaning for your home, tackling chores not typically included in your daily cleaning routine. We'll scrub every room from top to bottom, wipe down your baseboards, and address hard-to-reach areas, paying great attention to detail in every task to ensure a spotless space.

A Starting Point For New Clients

If this is your first time with us, our deep cleaning service is your best choice! You'll experience our high cleaning standards and quality results firsthand, helping you decide to keep booking our services. Additionally, if your house hasn't been professionally cleaned in a while, this service will help you get rid of built-up dirt and grime.

Giving Your Home New Life

Thanks to our deep cleaning, every room in your house, your belongings, and often-neglected spots receive the attention they really need. That way, we'll keep your home free of built-up grime that can otherwise cause damage—such as wear, tear, and rusting—in the long run.

Satisfaction Guarantee

One of our main goals is to ensure every customer has the best experience with our services. If there's anything you're not happy with, just contact us within 24 hours, and we'll sort it out as soon as we can. If something needs fixing, we will surely do it.

Serving Doylestown & Surrounding Areas

Since 2003, you can find our cleaning services in Doylestown and other towns in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Below, you can find the complete list of areas we cover. If you aren't sure if we can reach your home, please call us for clarification.

New Hope
New Britain
Point Pleasant
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Make Your Life A Little Easier & Greener

Are you ready to say goodbye to your cleaning chores and hello to free time? Request your free quote today and enjoy a professional cleaning service right at your home.

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