The Importance of Cleaning

If the past few months have taught Americans anything, it should have been the importance of cleaning. Despite decades of scientific and medical advancements, humanity’s greatest defense against malevolent bacteria, pathogens, dirt, and dust continues to be hand washing and frequent cleaning of surfaces. Studies have shown that regular cleaning can reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses in the home by up to 80%; the CDC recommends consistent disinfecting as an effective method for defending against annual sicknesses like influenza, bacterial infections, and other viral diseases. In this trying time for all of us, Harmony Clean remains committed to giving customers peace of mind by helping the spread of viruses and diseases in the place you spend the most time: your home.

In addition to disease prevention, clean homes are important to the mental wellbeing of adults and the healthy development of children. Studies have shown that living in a clean and organized environment can reduce stress and encourage healthy food choices. Individuals with cleaner homes are more likely to exercise, maintain a healthy weight, and present a positive mental attitude. Dust accumulation encourages the development of childhood asthma and allergies, conditions which can impact an individual throughout the duration of their lives. Young children also come in to contact with floors, carpeting, and dirty surfaces with an increased frequency, making them more prone to infections. Disinfecting these surfaces with healthy home cleaners, like those used by Harmony Clean, can help keep your children safe.

At Harmony Clean, we know that a clean and healthy home is a happy home. That’s why we spent the first few months of this unexpected outbreak intentionally educating ourselves on safe home cleaning in these uncertain times; and now that we are back, we are ready to continue to provide our customers with the sparkling quality they love and the safety they need. Our green cleaning products are made with nontoxic chemicals which are safe for everyone, including young children and pets, but still work to kill any germs hiding in unexpected places. In the months ahead, we are committed to following all CDC guidelines for home cleaning and continue to use healthy products shown to target any viral invaders while promoting the health of the people who matter most: your family. At Harmony Clean, we know that safety is the new sparkling.

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